Baby corn confusion

Please help someone! Wanting to grow baby corn if possible as our children absolutely adore them but can't find much growing advice on them. Does anyone know what kind of yield I could expect from maybe four plants, are they easy to grow and ultimately is it worth it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks


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    Hello Bec,

    I have never grown Baby corn - only the regular sweet corn but have always been very successful with that.  I believe you grow Baby corn in exactly the same way as sweet corn - in blocks rather than in a row (for pollination).  I don't know what the yield would be like, but I get one to two corns on each plant depending on the warmth of the summer.

    Whether it would be worth you growing them is debatable but certainly worth it if you get your children involved in helping to grow them seeing as they adore eating them.

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    I've not grown mini-corn myself, but Marshalls offer this variety and say that you should get 3-5 cobs per plant.  You'd want more than four plants, but you plant them much closer together than with ordinary large-cobbed corn so you should have room for more.

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    Thanks for the link Dove. Definitely give them a go. Might have to downsize the runners to accommodate but I'm sure my daughter won't mind!! image

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    I've grown sweetcorn and am trying a mini pop variety this year which can be grown in rows rather than in a rectangle, this variety doesn't need wind polination which is why they can be grown in rows. It's an F1 variety called minipop bought from moreveg - online, for 20 seeds.

    Mini pop needs to be picked early. I've picked big sweetcorn early in the past and it's edible but needs to be picked before the grains swell and when the tassels just show. I'm hoping for at least, 6 - 8 cobs per plant based on experience of growing big sweetcorn but expect more mini pops per plant, not a huge amount and if you only have four plants, you may need to consider growing more plants.

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    Bec - you have inspired me to try growing some mini cobs this year.

    Snap - Zoomer -  I have just bought exactly the same as you this morning.  It will be interesting to compare the growth later on in the year.  OH has told told me he's not too keen on mini cobs so that means all the more for meimage.

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    Have grown both Mini pop and regular sized sweetcorn, both successful.  You will certainly need more than fou plants though and you will need to plant in a block rather than a row, like regular sweetcorn.

    Good luck - its well worth it!

  • You don't need to worry about growing baby sweetcorn in blocks as it doesn't need to be pollinated, this website says you should get 5 or 6 per plant, I didn't get any last year because I started them too late, they were an afterthought in June,

    The variety I grew "Snowbaby" had pink pollen and tassels so could go in a flower bed.

    Always sow twice as many as you want because sweetcorn has poor germination and you might need back up plants as small plants can get snapped by wildlife (my cat) 


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