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how to make my flowerless variegated jasmine, variegated and flowering again?!

About 5 years ago I planted the above plant next to a SE facing wall  on clay soil. It was planted 'by the book' and the first year had a few flowers on it. However since then it has lost its' variegation in the leaves and hasn't flowered. Currently the leaves remaining on the stems are crispy(!) and the stems themselves are yellow or green. Actually it doesn't look like it's started growing much at all yet.

It was planted next to a clematis and honeysuckle, both of which have gone on to flourish.

I am particularly annoyed about the lack of flowers as it was planted in that position for its' promised fragrance.  If I had to choose between fixing the flowers or the variegation problem, I'd choose the flowers so as to smell that wonderful fragrance on my patio-at last!!

What do I need to do????


  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    Has it grown at all? 'crispy' sounds as if it is mummified. I think I would bin it, dig a lot of goodies into the soil and start again.image



  • Well the leaves are 'crispy'-to  use my technical garden speak  image, but the stems all seem alive..

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