Strange nandina?

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 I have several nandina domestica - and all have done well so far - with plenty of berries. But can anyone explain why one of the shrubs appears to have a number of bare, bright-green branches?


  • Possibly new growth or stems damaged by the storms we have been having.. Once they are getting esablished they can look rather straggily but i'd like to think with a bit of time it will sort its self out

  • BerkleyBerkley Posts: 331
    Thanks, Dirty Diggin. It's not new growth but I'm glad you think it may be some sort of damage and that all will be well. It looks very odd at the moment.....
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    I agree with wind damage particularly when looking at the ends of the leaves. Mine haven't started producing new foliage yet but should soon. I would give it a feed and some tlc to help it recover and I'm sure it will reward you.

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    Thanks Daintiness. I do hope you're right. Do you prune yours at all?
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    Never pruned any of mine. I only cut off the spent berry branches.

  • BerkleyBerkley Posts: 331
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