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kevckevc Posts: 23

just starting out love to try and grow dahlias anybody got tubbers for sale or free


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802


    Not available until the new year or until people have lifted them

    As for sale or free-who pays postage and how?

    I suggest if you are looking for free plants -check on your local freecycle site

    Or if  you wish to buy in your local garden centre-next year

    Someone might we willing to send you some cuttings but again that will not be until next April


  • LowennaLowenna Posts: 88

    All the general on line nurseries sell them as do local garden centres and places such as B & Q, Wilkinsons and Homebase, The National collection is held bt Winchester Growers of Penzance Cornwall and their catalogue is very varied. As Geoff says, you will not get anything until next spring now.

  • kevckevc Posts: 23

    thankyou both for that info will have to wait now then

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