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Is it possible to secure a metal arch in two planters. If so how do you go about it and what containers would be best? teracotta pots,  wooden box planter, half a barrel or any other suggestions. There is a high wall behind where i am proposing to put the arch so there could be so

me extra support.



  • I assume you mean it has metal poles rubber? I'd definitely go for wooden box planters as I'm sure you would get metal brackets at  DIY stores which could then be screwed into the sides to hold the uprights. I'm not sure it would be very sturdy though, so if you should try and attach to your wall as well.  If you can, I'd make holes through the base as well to push the supports through and down into the ground as well. If the ground's solid - (paving?)  you can probably get brackets for attaching to the paving as well. 

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    My metal arch lasted just 2 winters, it then went rusty on all the joins where the scews go in, then the wind bent them at the weak spots, OH has now made one from 1ft wide wooden trellis.

    Very dissapointing if you have clematis weaving through it. 

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    Once an arch gets climbers growing over it, it'll be vulnerable to being blown over if it's not firmly secured to the ground - I think you'd need some pretty big and weighty containers in order for it to be safe in strong winds. 

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    Your very right Dove, not to mention they will rust on the joins!.  I have 3 ruined ones, the first has been replaced with wood, the othe 2 are over with honeysuckle still attached, I think the only way is to cut it down because i couldnt untwine it.

    We put long stakes in the ground to support them, what is supplied is usless, but the tops went.

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 
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    My builder came up with a brill idea when putting in a rotary drier at a clients house; a piece of scaffold pole, cut to size.

  • rubberrubber Posts: 80

    Thanks for your replies. Perhaps I will think again as need something permanent. 

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