Spindly Brussels sprout seedlings

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We are currently starting out as first time allotment and veg growers. On 25th Feb i sowed some sprouts- Rubine. Most have germinated and have their seeds leaves but they have grown rather tall and spindly. One has even keeled over. They are otherwise healthy but I wonder if there is something amiss.

I made the mistake of sowing two to a large module. Not thinned as yet but will have to soon if I'm going to at all, to avoid root disturbance. I have them growing on a sunny, warm s-facing windowsill which has a radiator beneath. Hubbie reckons they might be too warm. There are Venetian blinds on windows.  I used bio char compost which I had a lot of success with last year with ornamentals and the odd tomato. However I accidentally ordered the general purpose (60l) but as it is so light in structure I used it as I have nothing else at present until I can get the correct one. We use peat free. Could it be any of these or things or are they meant to be long and lanky from the offset?! Apologies for typos. My tablet seems to hate this forum for some reason and keeps blending words together and not typing properly.


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    Too warm. Brussels will germinate fine  on a cool windowsill inside. As soon as they are up, get them outside into a sheltered place/cold frame.

    It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.
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    But rather than lose them, prick them out and bury the stem down to the base of the seed leaves. They usually survive and roots along the buried portion.

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    I germinate all my brassicas in a polytunnel or cold frame without heat, when it comes to thinning I would do this quite early .

    I use general compost for the brassicas and it works fine for me, I start them in modules then transplant on to 3" pots. It gives me strong plants with a good root system that grow straight away when planted out on the veg patch.

  • Fantastic, thank you! I had moved them to a cooler place but now I know what to do image 

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