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Water Feature

I'm thinking about purchasing a slate stack water feature and have seen them on line and at a garden centre ranging from £90 to £230 usually sold in 50, 60 or 75cm height but was wondering if anyone has any experience with them.  I realise that they will weather with time but can be roughly cleaned when I need to and it's obviously easier to buy the whole thing in one 'kit' but has anyone ever tried to build their own?  Have you found any maintenance drama with them or decided not to buy one for any reason?   Thanks. 


  • i have never built one my self although i have built rock stacks in my aquarium etc but i think that it would be alot cheaper for you to buy the rocks and the pump separatly

  • kjdintownkjdintown Posts: 42

    Thanks for that, I think I will definately look at that option.image

  • that would also allow you to mix different types of rocks and different shapes etc also you could add small containers in between the rocks add substrate and use them to grow bog or marsh plants for a nice feature

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