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  • Steve 309Steve 309 Posts: 2,753

    6 feet is definitely dwarf.  Apples on their own roots, or full size rootstocks will grow to 20 feet or more - which makes picking difficult!

    I agree absolutely with Liam: 1/3 of the new growth BUT you need to keep the centre open, so I'd also cut the leader out.  This should (eventually) produce a 'bush' the shape of a wine glass, or a hand as if it was holding a tennis ball.  Looks good, stays healthy (cos the air can move right through it) and crops well.  Not this year though, as everyone agrees.

    If there are lots of other apple trees nearby you should be OK for pollinators.  Let's hope we have a decent summer and the bees can get busy.


    Love that idea Pipistrelle; great if you have the space.  There are some great free-standing espaliers at Tatton Park.

  • PhasmidPhasmid Posts: 41
    Fab, thanks for that. Will nip out the leader too then. I've already reduced by a third so hopefully I'll have a nice shape in a few years.

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