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I'd like to grow at least one clematis over an arch. I haven't previously grown climbers other than annuals so it's a bit daunting.

After a look at RHS site it seems pruning group 3 may be the easiest, but I don't really know so any care tips would be welcome. Also if I am to go for a group 3 plant what would you suggest?

Thank you.



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    I like the Clematis alpinas, there are so many lovely ones -  you don't have to prune them at all if you don't want to, and they are so very pretty, they usually give us a second flush of flowers, and then lovely fluffy seedheads. 


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    Viticella Alba Luxurians, is a good one to grow and quite easy

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    ..for an archway, I would normally have a plant each side of it, to join and overlap at the top in the middle...depending on the strength and height of the arch..  nice combinations I have found are Clematis 'Etoile Violette'. a group 3, teamed with a pink climbing rose... this clematis flowers from June to Aug/Sept..

    ..Clematis 'Purpurea Plena Elegans' is an old small double flowered type that mixes well with a yellow honeysuckle, Lonicera japonica 'halliana'....

    .. both those Clematis are gr 3 and therefore cut down to 1 foot above ground in February...  very easy to grow..

    just a couple of suggestions for you...

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    If you want a large flowered one Etoile Violette is lovely - deep purple

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    Snap with Salino !  If Fairy is looking in, she has some gorgeous photos of EV from last summer ....

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    MrsG- look at some of the specialist growers online (Taylors is a great one) and narrow it down to the ones which will suit your aspect and the size of your arch/pergola and time of year you want it to flower. Then take some time to decide what you really, really like in colour and shape, because -  you'll learn how to prune and care for it if it's something you love image

    And then you'll be hooked and you'll want another one for the other side....image

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    Thanks everyone! I've been trawling through Crocus and Taylors - narrowed down to a mere choice of 10 (ok maybe more!).

    Aspect -full sun (can I remember reading somewhere that some will flower with their backs to the sun? or is that another climber?)

    Arch size (assuming I get the argos windermere) Size H210, W210, D72cm

    I like the later flowering time. (june-oct, May-sept,) many in group 3. Taylors sum pruning up nicely 'cut to knee high every march' - I can manage that!

    I also like the' fussy ' flowers, doubles, or two coloured. Pinks, purples maybe with red or white to contrast.

    A selection of my favourites - Viticella avant garde, florida cassis, pistachio, reflections, shimmer, suzy mac, florida vienetta, abundance, fond memories, princess kate....

    Yes Fairy I am going to love them!


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    Fairygirl, gorgeous photo's, is that Jackmanii?

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    Ashleigh2 - it's etoille violette.

    I have just ordered 3 arches to go along the path image (hoping I have enough room as only had this idea since it went dark)imageimage

    Here they are;$TMB$&wid=312&hei=312

    Next decisions I need help with:

    1, all 3 joined together to make a pergola or spaced out along the path?

    2. 6 plants, 2 for each?

    3. 4 clematis on 2 arches - how not to overkill it when want so many different ones? stick to 2 varieties or go for 4?

    4. A rose on the 3rd arch?


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