Figs tree and fruit from last year

My fig tree produced a second crop of fruit late last year but of course it did not ripen.  I am wondering; should I remove these still attached fruit or leave it.  I am in NL and as of yet we have not had any frost to speak of.

Many thanks



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    Hi Lesinni,  here in UK after leaf-fall we remove all figs larger than a small pea,as leaving them will delay or reduce the next seasons crop and can sometimes  give rise to die back. i would get-em-off .

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    I have done it today...many thanks

  • I have a fig tree which is in the greenhouse and has yet to bear fruit it is about 5/6yrs old??

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    Hi Christina image

    Can you give us an idea of variety, what it's fed with and when, and any pruning/training etc?

    A picture often helps too 

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    Hi Chris when you say in the green house it is in a pot yes,

  • Yes its in a pot - its a brown turkey, not pruned or trained it as no need to? will try and put a picture up.. 

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    Hi Christine,if i give you what the fig wants you can see what is wrong, Brown Turkey is probably the best of two for this climate, i havnt seen how big the fig is so pics please and i,ll carry on ,what size is the pot ,what soil is in it please,

  • Thank you will take a pic tomorrow sorry have been out today, much appreciated for your advice..

  • Tried to download pics but for some reason they won't - will keep trying...



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    Christine, from the pic i cant tell what is on top of the soil in the pot, if its mulch make sure its not actually  touching the fig,   Right no figs and 5 years old, remove tree from pot and discard everything in it, check roots for any problems ie grubs etc usually figs only get troubled by scale insects so with a new start you should be ok , wash the pot well for re-use ( if using same pot you might need to trip 20|% of roots off),or get next size up, polystyrene or crocs for good drainage, John Innes no 3 soil based, OK fig into pot 2 inches deeper than before and firmed well down, leaving 2 inches from soil to top of pot for watering, water well in.  Now in 2 weeks time at the very end of the branches,shoots, take off the very tip (top bud only the very very tip ) dont cut of the fruit bud. Then beginning of April start feeding with a good strong potash feed for fruit crop,repot every 2 years up to 24 inches. job done

  • Thank you Alan for you advice will do and keep you up to date..

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    That fig is rather small for its age.  Do you think the pot is big enough, and are you feeding the fig enough?

    Re Alan's advice, I think you will find this year's fruit is in the leaf axils at the tip of the branches, so if you pinch them out you certainly won't get any fruit this year.

    The time to pinch out shoots is before mid-summers day when you pinch out shoots beyond three or four leaves.

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    I'm worried that fig isn't getting enough water - although figs need good drainage they do need plenty of water to produce fruit, and with the surface of the soil piled up like that I can't see how you can water it.image

    My fig's a bit bigger than that but I've only had this one a year - it's in a square pot 16" x 16" x 22" approx - as it only has a small rootball at the moment the bottom of the pot is filled with chunks of polystyrene, making sure it doesn't impede the drainage.   The compost is John Innes No 3 loam based with about 30% horticultural grit added.   There's about a 3" gap between the top of the  compost and the rim of the pot, so that when I water it I can fill that space up with water and let it soak through. 

    We had just a couple of ripe figs last year, although it produced about a dozen fruit late in the summer that had to be removed as they wouldn't ripen.  There are at least half a dozen tiny fruits right at the tips of the branches so hopefully we'll get a good crop this summer.  Last weekend I top-dressed the compost with a sprinkling of Fish, Blood and Bone. 

    Hope that's helpful image

    Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes. 
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    Christina go to       the March pruning will be explained clearly, follow what it says,Reads are experts and very helpful  good luck Alanimage

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    HI criss,   im putting this return from Reads Nurseries so you can understand why we tipped the Repotted fig,  its to get the fig to fruit which was as i understood  what you wanted, so this is only for repotting you understand as in Stephens answer to me, the later cutting back of New  shoots to 4 or 5 leaves is done in Mid spring No later as the shoots might not have time to ripen and as he says you might not need to this year, and please remember maincrop figs grow on previous  years wood ,no new wood very few figs.    

    Hello, Alan Thank you for your enquiry.   Tipping the shoots now will force the fruit to grow first, I would only prune again if really needed in late May - June, but this is often not needed or possible. Stephen Readimage
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