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I shall take this opportunity kru, to highlight a border shrub that is in flower now in my garden that I absolutely adore, and it's a pity one doesn't see it planted more often I think, at least as an alternative to Forsythia.   It's Ribes x odoratum, or Buffalo Currant.  It also has a delightful clove scent....I hope you like it.



  • krukru Posts: 9

    Thank you for the reply.  It seems like my description was missing as i was using my mobile.   I want some suggestion on border plant which will provide bit privacy for my front garden and bit color.  Your plant looks nice.  How tall can it grow?

    I am aware of conifers but wanted something that might give bit color and will grow fast and medium bush.   Also, if I were to use conifer which one will grow fast.  Thank you for your help.   

  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609

    On reflection, I think in your case I would go for a Forsythia, it's fast growing, gives a bit of colour in Spring - sometimes autumn colour as well, and it can be cut back if necessary.   It's not evergreen but the dense twiggy growths should be adequate I would think.

    Fast growing conifers are a pain in the backside eventually and I would avoid if I were you, but it's your decision.   The plant I highlighted is difficult to find.

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