How to hide a compost heap in a small garden

Based in London I have a small garden with two compost heaps to which I add vegetable peelings and grass cuttings.  They are  particularly ugly in the winter.  What have people used to hide the compost but still allow easy access?  With many thanks


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    Pepper2 Here's how what i did to hide my three bins in my front garden.



  • If you only need limited to pop your green waste in, you could try planters or troughs with trellis panels and grow annual climbers and other bits.  Much depends on your site .You could have just one panel which you could use for access - sometimes a really nice piece of wooden trellis looks good on its own.  If the rest are planted attractive corner.  

    I think it is a common problem for people who have to site their compost bins within a small space and don't just want to look at a plastic/wooden bin.

    Hope this helps


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    Philippa, Many thanks for your suggestions and photo.   

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