Plant identification help


Does anyone know what this plant is? It is taking over my garden and I would like to move it. Would it be possible to dig the plant up to relocate it, if so how deep am I likely to have to dig to get the roots?


  • Definitely a cordyline Ian. I've successfully dug up and moved a couple, admittedly they're much smaller than this, but I've moved one more than once without any problem at all. In my experience they don't put down the biggest and deepest of roots but then that's a big plant so you may need to go a little deeper. Recommendation on them is to keep them out of frosts and some shelter. But mine are growing perfectly well just where they are (shady in the morning, sunnier in the afternoon, not too much shelter, and previous cordylines have coped with snow, ice and frost. In my experience if they want to grow they will. So I'd say go for it. Good luck

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