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Advice on wood to use for a raised border for a veg plot and where to source material


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    Hi Graham, I've used heavy-ish fence timber for my raised beds. It's 150mm x 22mm which I got from my local Builder's Merchant and isn't too expensive, (around £4 for a 3.6m length) although you'd have to factor in delivery if you weren't able to collect it yourself. DIY stores will stock similar products but will be much dearer. Lots of people use sleepers,  but make sure they're not old, used ones for veg as they're full of tar. You can get new ones but I'm not sure how expensive they are. I'm sure others on here will be able to give you an idea. image

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    I've just had some raised borders done and we used sleepers image

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    Hi Graham scaffolding companies are usually glad to deliver used scaffold boards if its  a decent number for around £ 4 a board, not as good as sleepers but cheaper. 

  • I have used scaffolding boards for raised beds joined together with long coach bolts which take no time to put together and seemed to have lasted. I treated mine. If they are used don't worry. Buy a flap disc for an angle grinder and that will take the dirt right off - make sure you wear a mask. I routed the edges of mine for a nice finish. I have read that you can get up to 10 years from them depending on how you treat them. I lined mine with a tarp and put holes in the bottom to help the drainage. Try looking on ebay for boards locally. That's where I found a supplierY. Also ring round scaffolding companies, they have lots they can't use. If there's a split in the wood, it's illegal for them to be used.

  • I recently sourced some new sleepers for a customer. they are preserved with a non toxic preservative so safe for fruit and veg etc. they had a variety of sizes. we used 2.4m x 250mm x 150mm and cost £20 each. the company was grademore sleepers - swaffham Norfolk. they do have a website. the finished beds look great and the company will cut the sleepers to size for you.


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    I make raised beds out of old pallets, I get them free so do lots of things with them. It's basic carpentry and they are just as good and just as strong as scaffolding boards. All it costs is time and a box of 2 inch screws.

  • I've just started building a raised bed for my mum. Mainly used just old wood that was lying around - an old bed and a couple of old bookshelves. going to treat it and stuff so it doesnt die too quickly. whats the best stuff to treat it with does anybody know?

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