Sick Yucca

I have a Yucca plant that I keep indoors over the winter, and have been putting it out on our covered patio during the day for the past few weeks, as the leaves were going very pale. but the leaves have now started to brown on the edges. What can I do to fix this ???


  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    Unless it's been very warm where you are your plant is suffering from the sharp swings in temperature, and possibly wind.

    Keep it indoors until the temperatures have risen considerably and it should recover.

  • torsitorsi Posts: 9

    If it's kept indoors make sure it next to a window out of direct sun light. you will find most plants kept in the house over winter start to look a little rough after winter. lake of light is a huge problem for plants and i would suggest that the plant goes out side when temps are over 15*c as you don't want the plant going from house warm to cold out side. it should look better in the next month also make sure it's not under watered or over watered, i find this can be a hard balace. mine has slightly brown leaves too but i'm not woried unless it gets realy bad and it might need to have a good feed to get the green back in the leaves

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