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hi again all, just wondering if anyone knows if there's any way i could get hold of david austin roses a bit cheaper than their website i did buy 3 last year but funds v low at moment, plants bottom priority , it's not that i don't appreciate work that goes into breeding these beautiful roses, but just can' afford much at mo


  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609'll find them much cheaper on this site.... they may still be doing the discounted offer... they have an excellent reputation as well...  I have no association with them, I should add...



  • rosemummyrosemummy Posts: 1,974

    thanks salino, i've just had a look,good prices, unfortunately the ones i'd narrowed my wishlist down to are sold out or not stocked maybe i'll re look at my list, i can while away happy hours dreaming of roses to fill my garden anyway!

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    Not David Austin ones Louise, but like you I am a budget with needing to fill so much border space.  I bought 4 roses from Aldi a couple of weeks ago (and they still had some in today), all named roses and listed on DA website but a fraction of the price at £1.89 and they have shoots on already image

  • rosemummyrosemummy Posts: 1,974

    tracey i got 2 from aldi also, a hybrid tea 'pink favourite' and a rugosa which on dove's advice i'm giving away as much too big for our garden, thing is as gardens so small, i want what i really want so may just get 1 at a time and try hard to be patient!

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    Ok Louise, I understand image

  • If you have a garden centre anywhere near you run by folk with 'learning disabilities' they usually sell their plants at much lower prices than other garden centres. I get most of my plants from one called Cherry Tree Nurseries on the edge of Bournemouth.

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