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New Allotment, advice please!!



  • Kevin daleKevin dale Posts: 135

    Set up a compost bay a good spade and fork hoe rake wheelbarrow plant borage comfray to aid in composting and be prepared for hard work and some disappointment and lots of rewards 

  • ENJOY! I could not get an allotment when in England, but now have quite a good sized garden.

    As said before, don't try to do too much too soon. I started with 2 raised beds, 8x4', a chicken pen that I turned into a raspberry cage,then 5, now 6 raised beds and some smaller ones just for veg. And lots of borders. My lawn shrinks every yr when I find something else to grow. Sometimes I can't wait for the kids to grow so I can steal thier play area! But then who would eat my veg?

    Your allotment will naturally evolve. Who was it who said 'don't sweat it'? 

    If all is cleared, keep it covered until you need it. Green manures, carpet, cardboard, straw, polythene, anything that will keep those weeds down. Compost area essential. Tools to suit. Greenhouse or polytunnel if you are allowed one.

    Well done on all your hard work.We expect pics, you know. A condition of asking adviceimage

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