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spirea bridal wreath

Have this shrub in my garden and love it.  Last year I went a bit trigger happy with the secateurs and thought I'd gone overboard but its come out the other side and bloomed very well this year  . I'd love to propagate but not sure how to. Google says soft/hardwood cuttings but Idon't know the difference or which would be better. It has just finished flowering.  Any help appreciated.


  • torsitorsi Posts: 9

    Softwood cuttings should be taken from this years new growth and hardwood cuttings is the woodey part of the plant. they are both good ways of propergation but will be at different times of the yaer. I would look up the plant and see when the best time is to take the cuttings and give it a go. I did softwood cuttings last yaer of forsithia and all 19 plants grew. good luck

  • Gold1locksGold1locks Posts: 498

    Take softwood cuttings in June or July. Use lateral growths, i.e. ones that have grown sideways from a main upright stem. Choose material that is at least 6 inches long, take a heel cutting, trim off stringy bits at the base using a very sharp knife such as a Stanley knife. remove the leaves from the bottom third, and you can also remove the very soft bit at the top. Dip the base in hormone rooting compound and insert it in a compost / sharp sand or compost / vermiculite mix, compress the mix lightly to remove air pockets, water it and cover with a freezer bag. Keep out of direct sunlight. the cuttings should root within eight weeks. 

  • Can't possibly go wrong with such excellent advice. Thank you both image

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