Frog orgy

I have only been in my property for 20 months.. Last march we had a day where my pond became a mini orgy site for hundreds of frogs, then after a day they disappeared.. This year not only have they rocked up early (probably due to climate??) but they are hanging around.. Been over a week listening to the lovely noises coming from my pond seeing frogs straddling each other!! Is this normal??


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    Perfectly normal - it's what I would expect.  Last spring it was so cold for so long they had to cram all their 'activity' into a very short spell - this year the weather is milder earlier and this behaviour is perfectly normal.    

    When I was a child I could hear the noise from the farmyard pond when I was put to bed, and for a week or more it was my excuse for not being able to get to sleep, so '....please can I read for a bit longer?' image

     Make sure you leave some long grass and plants near to your pond for the froglets to hide in when they first emerge from the pond  so they don't all fall prey to crows, cats, herons etcimage

    No-one knows if you've done your housework, but everyone knows if you've done your gardening !
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    And, when the do become frogs, they'll come from the pond on the hunt for slugs and snails. Count yourself lucky. I'm very jealous.

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    I normally have 4-5 frogs and 1-2 toads in my garden in summer. Bit of a minor heart attack when you move something or go out in the garden in the evening and they jump out. The toad likes to sit beneath a pile of leaves next to a tree in my garden. They do eat small slugs which can be the biggest problem in gardens rather than the large ones. I do not have a pond (there are a lot of ponds near by though). So just try and leave them as they do good and no damage.

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    Congratulations on having wildlife in your pond! As the others have said its all perfectly normal you'll find that the frogs tend to "do their stuff" when they think the weather is right.

    Do you have fish in your pond? (They tend to eat the spawn / tadpoles) Or a few pebbles to help the frogs climb back out?

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    Good news.  Just look out for the attack of the killer crows!

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