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i am writing a piece for my coursework and i need example articles on planting to support my work i was wondering if anyone was wiling to provide me with extracts from the gardeners world


  • Have you tried looking in the charity shops, there are often gardening magazines, or gardening books in them. They are usually quite cheap. I've got some old copies but you would really need to sit for ages and read through them

  • Hi gwen2! I too have a boat load of back issues of not only Gardeners World, but Kitchen Garden, Grow It! n More from your Garden to name but a few!! if they are any good to you? But as diggindoris says, it would take you an absolute age troweling through em! Let me know!

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    If those of you who have more magazines about gardening than you know what to do with - and most of us probably do - offer them to your local hospice.  Ours were delighted to get back issues of most of the gardening magazines as a change from the usual womens magazines, and many of the people there are gardeners, or have been, and enjoy the magazines while being treated. 

  • Bookertoo! How right you are! I wouldn't mind, but having nursed both my parents to there sad demise only very recently in certain hospice's, n nursing homes, the thought never even entered my mind!! Good Call!! But now posted, will give gwen2 the first refusel!!! Thank's for that!!!

  • gwen2gwen2 Posts: 2

    thank you everybody for all your kindness, i actually did go to a charity shop and found some there diggingdoris, thank you any way

    dean lovett I'm more than grateful that the magazines will come into good use, thank you for the kind gesture.

    and booker too i got a lot of magazines on gardening and will be sending them to my local hospice. thank you for the idea.


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