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the problem i have is that a near by sycamore tree is sending its seeds all over my garden and they are growing all over my lawn and veg plots,which is a real pain removing every little shoot.please can anyone help with this big issue?ie how to stop them growing or plants they don't like etc.thank you very much


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    They are an absolute pain aren't they.  It is a wonder they have not taken over the world by now.  If they are in the lawn you can just mow them.  The ones which come up in the border are worse.  You have to be vigilant in hoeing or pulling up any seedlings which you see because they grow really quickly.  My father missed one which came up behind his blackcurrant bushes and it was difficult to get it out.

  • They are persistant aren't they !  I have a couple of raised beds which I covered during the winter to stop weeds and when I removed the covers a few weeks ago there was nothing but sycamore seedlings.  Thankfully they were easily enough removed. I don't have an answer to the OP's question other than to watch out for the seeds in summer when weeding, etc, because they seem to "come down" well before autumn especially after a windy day/night. But this may not be practical if you have a medium/large garden.

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    I hate the sycamore and ash trees on my plot. They are nowt more than 40' weeds. They seed in every border. I have a 20' field sycamore on the edge of my rose garden and the only cure is to prune it annually, cutting all the seeds off before they have ripened.

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    Sycamore seedlings in the lawn is no problem at all as you're going to regularly mow the lawn anyway. Those in the borders can be easily pulled out at this time of the year. Our garden is bordered by mature sycamores and, yes, the seedlings are a bit of a pain as they are so numerous , and has been said, should a stray one get to 12" high or more, they become far, far harder to dig out as that tap root simply doesn't want to let go.

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    Yep same here. Have a couple of trees adjacent to my boundary.

    Agree with David re the ones in lawn- mower deals with those.

    As for the rest, vigilance & knowing to get them out asap otherwise a real struggle.

    No easy way to keep control am afraid. J.

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    Sorry- Paul, not David! J.

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    Good eyes, and a strong wrist is the only answer.  They are sneaky little devils, and sometimes you don't find them behind a shrub or something until they are in their second or even third year, then they are difficult to get out.  I just keep pulling as many as I can find, and cutting the rest down to the roots  on the grounds that nothing likes getting its head chopped off regularly.  We have a very large and lovely red sycamore in the corner of the garden, which I would love more dearly if it wasn't bent on world domination each year. 

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    I know someone who let a seedling grow into a tree, and when he realised it was going to shade out his whole garden he  found he couldn't remove it as someone got a protection order to prevent it.. 

  • Thank you all for your feedback has been a great help.

  • I have a sycamore in my garden and for the first time in 25 years I have little sycamore shoots?  growing. What can I do? should I mow or use weedkiller or prise them out manually?

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    If they're on the lawn, mow. They can't survive a season's mowing. I get assorted tree seeds germinate in grass but they don't last.


    I generally pull them up from the garden as I don't hoe (I'd lose all my volunteers). Tree seedlings are easily to pull at this time if year. 

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    I've got a similar problem with oaks at the moment, from the bumper crop of acorns i didn't clear properly from the borders last autumn.  At the moment i am just taking the tops off, figuring that without their stem and leaves they won't regrow.  Is that right, or should i be scrupulously removing roots as well??

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    If they're new germinations I should think pulling the tops will do it chicky

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    We get this every year with our ash trees - the seedlings are all appearing this week - a quick 'tickle' of the soil surface with my sharp Dutch hoe and they're gone image


    But I might just pot a few up ................. 

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    I pull oaks seedlings. I find if I just chop the top off they tend to reappear in the border. Ones in the lawn don't survive repeated  mowing.

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  •     hi sycamore seeds are growing in my lawn ,what is the best way to get rid off them before they get tall ?

  • image

    I have a tree which for the first time in 27 years have developed thousands of yellow seeds The seeds create a big mess I do not want to cut down the tree Is it possible to prevent seed forming ? Does anyone know what tree this could be ? Any advice will be appreciated 

  • Right two Years ago I was asked to cut down three Sycamore Trees as they were Undermining the Foundations and also there was an issue of some Huge Branches cracking with 100 mile an hour Winds: The thing is the Man had told me that he had had permission to Cut them down: In Fact the Trees had a preservation order upon them Oh Sh*t ? The Council took him to Court but he had won the  First round by saying that the trees were Old and had a Bad core where there was Wood rot within and also there was Woodworm riddled through some of the Branches: and that a Tree surgeon had checked them out; Anyway although He won the Case and that the Council had to pay the Costs of the court: Now the Council Have gave him a Deadline and told him that He has to replace the Trees with new saplings The question is this Do You have a Sapling Growing from Seed either in a Pot or one that could be dug out of the Ground I'd Like three of them

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    If it has formed seeds for the first time after 27 years, do you think it will do the same this year and every year henceforward?

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