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Apple tree

Out apple tree has been here for 15 years, it's been gradually getting closer to the ground, I've restaked it upright and it looks better already. It is however very tall, could I take off the top of the main growth and leave the sides to grow without it causing any problems?


  • I think its a coxs, they always look a bit rough but taste amazing. The branches I've removed today were covered in tiny bunches of shoots. I've removed the forward facing ones as they were helping the tree to lean forward, I've tried to just keep the side branches. If I can get to the top growth on Sunday (next day off) I can reduce it by about 4ft and still keep some good size branches too
  • What are water shoots?

    The tree as it stands (no pun intended) has the main trunk with some sizeable branches with smaller branches shooting off them. The tree has alway looked scabby but never any problems with the fruit.
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