Got rid of 2 old and rotten planters that had Ivy growing in them. The soil seemed ok and the wood is rotting down very nicely. I've put the whole lot in a council wheelie bin. Will this just rot down to compost or do I need to do anything to help it along?


  • If you've put it in the bin for the council, it will have disappeared before you get chance to add to itimage

    I had the same problem a couple of years ago..........if the planters are wood and they have already started to rot, a nice shady damp corner should see them provide a good habitat for garden creepy crawlies and you can always plant some ferns in or around.

    Quick Duncan.....go and grab them back out of the binimage

  • There wasn't much left of the wood to keep, I relocated the Ivy and was intending on reusing the planters, but I thought as I have a spare old (massive) council bin I would put the old soil in there so the other half can sort through and then I thought why not add the rotten wood. Plenty of worms in there too
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