Sowing mad!

I could sit on my hands no longer! Had a slight sowing frenzy in the GH today (unheated) - I have sown: sweet peas (old seed found in a cupboard, fingers crossed!), nigella persian jewels, Orlaya snowballs, Antirrhinum royal bride, Larkspur giant imperial, Cosmos candy stripe & gazebo white, Echium little bells, and Delphinium pacific giant/Sweet rocket mixed for 2015.  I know I could have direct sown half of those but just a little nervous in case the weather goes hideous outside so wanted to get them going as plugs. Germination so far has been OK up there - from Feb I have more Antirrhinum RB, Sweet William kaleidoscope, Penstemon tubular bells, sweet peas, nasturtium, sea holly, verbena bonanseris and lobelia. Still waiting on cleome and cobaea to show themselves, sown 7 days ago. Overwintering experiments have gone fine,  for what are now very robust young plants of cerinthe major, ammi majus, cynaus black ball, lilac pompom poppy, centaurea dealbata & mixed foxgloves.

As you can doubtless tell this is my first year at growing flowers so I've gone a bit mad and been a bit impatient! My veggie patch, usually the priority, has taken a back seat apart from overwintered onions & shallots, broad beans and now some potatoes chitting. I need a bigger GH!

What have you all been sowing??



    Sounds great.  I am going to start this week , had a look back at last years sowing times diary  and can see I  lost a lot by sowing early.  Its hard to wait though.....

  • I had a dabble in Feb. with snapdragons they are steading growing in a mini GH in the main GH. Last Sat and Sun saw us sow;

    3 trays of French Marigolds
    1 tray of Lobelia (Crystal Palace), Dianthus, swan river daisy, viola, pansy, bedding dahlia, all HHA in the house

    We'll sow all the HA the end of March in unheated GH


    As its such a lovely day here in Perth I think I will follow your example and pop out  to GH and take the chance to sow a few seeds. Mostly veg although this year I am saving a bit of the border to grow flowers for cutting.  Nothing ventured as they say.  

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    Gosh, your roll call contains a fair number of my favourites - so much so that I will have to look up the ones you have planted but I haven't grown cos I'll probably like them too!  You'll never need to sow Royal Bride again in my experience.  I grew them from seed a couple of years back, and the existing plants overwintered in the raised beds, and a stack of royal children have been growing like weeds - in fact I have been meaning to rescue some from the paths and find a place for them.  They are great cut flowers because they are the perfect backdrop to other more colourful blooms of any hue. 

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    My cleome and cobea haven't done anything yet either, I seem to remember they took ages last year.  Got lupins, dahlia, marigold, sunflower and opium poppy already growing form a Feb sowing.  I let them germinate in the house then move them to an unheated greenhouse for the light and lower temps.  I also like to start things inside so when the plants are big enough to go out they are less likely to get completely snaffled by slugs.  Started some sweet peppers, courgette and kale yesterday.  I won't make the mistake of planting veg plugs out too early this year though.

  • i did my cowslips and primrose lat year and the are now doing very well, i did angelic which is coming up now nicley and all my honesty plants and common burdock are good 9cm sized pot plants.. i seed (rather late i think) my helenium seeds last week, but the rest i will leave litte longer if poss, as i also lostlot lat year with the snow an cold.


  • Thanks so much everyone - I thought you were all going to say 'TOO EARLY YOU FOOL!' Really good to hear what everyone else is doing too. BusyBee, I am so pleased by what you say about Royal Bride especially as they are so fiddly to sow! Are yours in sun or part shade? I hope mine produce lots of offspring too! Mrs G - phew about the cleome & cobea - these are new to me (as is all of it come to that!) so I'll be patient. Hmm, should I follow your example and also sow some courgettes I wonder? GF, what kind of angelica did you grow? That's a biennial isn't it? You've also inspired me to sow some lupins, the seeds are in the box waiting. Janapana - what veg seeds have you sown? Mark, glad to hear your snapdragons are doing ok. Exciting isn't it!! I got 4 sea holly plants, plenty of green shoots, in the pound shop today - I tried to stop myself but couldn't - I think I am going to pot them up for now and stick them in the GH or coldframe...feels like the right thing to do until we are 'safe' down here on the Hampshire coast. 13 degrees today though! Very odd! Thank you everyone, you've really inspired me image

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    I started my tomatoes off at the begging of February and they are all growing really well. I have got a heated greenhouse and heated propagators to help them along. I've also got Marigolds, Lobelia, Cosmos, Aster, Brussels Sprout, Lettuce all growing well. It doesn't matter how big the greenhouse, it is never big enoughimage

  • hi all just looked at getting some primrose springtide seeds but the packet said pot seeds up cover with polly bag and put them into fridge???? my misses willl cut my bits off if i do that . cant i just put then outside

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    The best for primulas is fresh and left outside. 

    Just put them outside, they'll probably germinate OK, esp if we do get a bit of cold

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