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Talkback: Healing herbs

very good to read about and try out


  • I have rosemary growing wildly in my backyard. I also have lavender and spearmint growing in my garden.
  • great comments from people that know, the wonders of these herbs.
  • enjoy anything about herbs, really loved watching Chelsea on the TV thinking about it I saw more than if I actually went. congratulations to Jekka.
  • When you say "make tea" with would love to use my own herbs for medicinal purposes as well as decorative!
  • SuseSuse Posts: 1
    It is marvellous, there are so many good things and plants in the world . We must try to preserve them and live with them every day. (France)
  • Great, some of these I had not heard about!
  • Last summer I made Lavender bags:
    Firstly I wrapped the Lavender in newspaper and kept it in a dark, dry place for a week or two ( an airing cupboard is ideal)
    Then I made some little bags (cotton or muslin would be perfect as they are natural)
    I have placed one by my bed and all I have to do is crush them slightly to release the soothing fragrance...
    They really help x
  • Great article! I have used feverfew for headaches and often use lavender oil for stress relief at bed time - sprinkle a few drops of essential oil on the pillow or in the bath. (you can also use crushed flowers) It also is a useful antiseptic for those of us with sensitive skin or allergies. not keen on the camomile tea (smells like cat wee!) but it does work.
  • When my children were small they often suffered with sore throats. I found that gargling with an infusion of sage leaves helped ease the soreness.
  • This is a great article - will also save me from expensive Boots bills!
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