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Raised veg beds next to hedge

Hi, (I initially posted this in the wrong place "Talkback" so am repeating it here - apologies for this).

We have recently moved and I want to install about 4 raised veg beds at the end of the garden next to the boundary hedge - I think it's hawthorn (I'm new to gardening!).

I've heard that you should leave some distance between the hedge and beds to prevent the hedge roots sucking up all the water in the soil. I am willing to get the hose pipe on the veg if it's not rained for a while but is that good enough?

I'd be grateful for advice on this matter. Thanks all.


  • archiepemarchiepem Posts: 1,155

    i would give it  a trial season . image

  • daituomdaituom Posts: 83

    You should also leave room between the hedge and beds so as you can maintain both. If it were me, I would leave about a metre between hedge and bed.

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