Daphne Odora

I have now bought two Daphne Odora plants. Both are looking very sick. I bought one over a year ago, and the other at Xmas...They have lost any leaves they did have and only have greeny brown shoots that never grow. I have put one in a pot, and the other is now in the garden in the hope it improves. I feel really dispoointed that both plants have been such a failure - they are expensive to buy and I have following all growing instructions. Has this happened to anyone else....any tips????


  • Never had any problems with them either in the pot or in the ground. I do keep those Daphne slightly sheltered through the winter. Did you buy it growing inside and put it outside to quick without climatising it? 

  • figratfigrat Posts: 1,619
    They have rather fleshy roots which won't regenerate if damaged, and are slightly tender. I lost mine early last year, it looked iller and iller through the previous season as well. I put loads of leaf mould and compost round it as a mulch, but it still turned its toes up.
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