One side of my garden is quite shady at low level and is the one side I still need to plant up! I planted an apple tree last year and it seems to be doing ok but i just bought a blackberry plant that I was going to try and grow under the apple tree.

Will the blackberries grow ok in the shade? I read on here that rasberries grow like weeds so will they also grow in the shade? was thinking i could grow both next to each other?


  • Hello juliesayers,

    Blackberries will grow in shade but you'd get better fruit in full sun. A classic fruit for shade is the redcurrant. These are often grown by gardeners on north walls when they can't think of anything else to grow there! If you plant your blackberry close to the tree, don't forget that the tree will take a lot of water and nutrients from the ground so you'll have to give your blackberry extra, for example by using lots of mulch.

    Good luck,

    Emma team

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