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Can I use tap water from a water softener to water my plants. I have to run off about 2 pints of cold water to obtain hot water. With the current water situation it seems a waste not to use it.


  • Hi Spitfire.  The water softener we use in our house uses salt in the process so the answer, if yours is a similar system, is no.  The softener company advised keeping water to the the cold water tap in our kitchen directly from the rising main, as with our outside taps to get round the problem.  Can you use the water for something else?

  • SpitfireSpitfire Posts: 6

    Thanks for your prompt reply . I have 3 waterbuts so I am quite well provided for. I will have to use it for cleaning instead. Yuck 

  • I am happy to watch Gardener's World on telly and take up tips from Monty. Also receive the GW mag each month - another helpful device.

    Its good to get positive and negative feedback - that's how we learn.

    If I want to know about a certain plant I visit "the College of Knowledge" in Pershore.

    I agree Bindweed is a huge problem - we try new things all the time.
  • Bryn2Bryn2 Posts: 1
    should I cut branches off a Eucalptus tree which seems to be running away with itself
  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    Yes, you can prune it as hard as you like, even down to a few inches off the ground if you want a shrub rather than a tree.

  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    Eucalyptus can grow very fast, I had one in a previous garden and thought that I would keep it small; I swear I blinked and it was 20' tall.

  • MAGGIE20MAGGIE20 Posts: 2

     am looking for a bay tree where is the best place to get one.image

  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    I don't know where you live, but here in East Anglia even Plant Nurseries have lost Bay trees over the last 2 winters. So perhaps your question could be not 'where do I get a Bay tree?' but 'how do I keep it alive?' I have lost 2 standard Bays that I had had for 10 years and then lost 2 small bays after one year, a friend lost 2 five year old Bays last winter. I am putting my new Bay, which is tiny, in the greenhouse for the winter. As to getting a Bay, any reputable local Nursery shoud have one. One of my neighbours thought that their fairly big Bay tree had died this spring but 4 weeks ago they realised it had revived. Good luck with this.

  • MAGGIE20MAGGIE20 Posts: 2

    thanks for the info artjak

  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    What on earth is going on with this thread?

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