rose pruning - sealant?

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i will be pruning a rose this weekend coming (sat 8th march). i have read that when cutting stems, to prevent borers you need to seal the cuts - i have read that for this you can use wood glue - just wanted clarification that this is correct? i havent seen any pics of how much glue you put on as an example. do you leave a smooth blob of it? or?

also while on the subject. when cutting old stems flush down to the bud union/ground level, do you need to seal those aswell?



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    In the UK there is absolutely no need to seal the stems of rose bushes when pruning image

    I've seen this recommended on Wiki How - I think it's written for US gardeners. 

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  • Just cut them on a   /  slant  way from top  and always on an outer facing budimage

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    great news, im assuming this weekend is a good time to do this task aswell? sadly i do not know the rose species, but it is summer/autumn flowering.

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    Can't give you any advice on the rose I'm afraid, but I hope you're getting on ok dj  image

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    Hi Fairy Girl,

    tried to send you a message but the resulting screen after clicking 'message' was blank!?

    better, thanks for asking. i should hopefully be moving within this month. this weekend coming i have arranged to spend the weekend at the house to give me time and chance to do some cleanup, pruning etc hence this thread. it wont be the same as being there every day, especially now with the season starting, but as you know im not in a position to decide that right now. im trying to find an apartment with a balcony, or a ground floor with a shared garden and my own patio, that will be the best compromise i can come up with. hopefully the message system will work next time i try and i can keep you posted with what happens. at the minute everything changes literally by the day ...

    hope you've had a nice weekend, btw. image

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