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Transfer of seedlings

When seeds have germinated and they are ready for moving from trays do they need to  be moved on in seed compost or can I use multi purpose


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 36,145

    I've always just used Multi Purpose Susan. Seed compost has lower nutrient value so it's ideal for seeds (especially autumn sown ones) but they need more grub once they're growing away in spring  image

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  • Susan 17Susan 17 Posts: 95

    Thanks don't want to kill them off when I have just got them going

  • I also grow seedlings on using mpc for the same reason.

    It's a good idea also to put them singly into

    small pots/modules first to establish the roots

    before moving them into their final larger

    pots or the open garden.
  • Susan 17Susan 17 Posts: 95

    Thank you  I think sometimes it's just the GC,s just trying to make a bit more money out of us there are so many different types but that little bit more expensive.

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