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Talkback: How to extend lives of container plants

I have planted French Marigold's in window boxes, but they are not doing so well, I have kept them watered could it be too hot for them on the patio, I have in the mean time moved them into the shade. The flower heads just keel over. Geranium's not doing as good as neighbours, do I water too much perhaps! I garden in Mindya Bulgaria temperature yesterday on patio 38!!!


  • love adam's tips & could do with more for short of time gardeners like me
  • Handy to know how often to feed container plants - i'm not doing it enough. Also a great 'washing-up liquid' tip from Andy.
  • ooop's. forgot to press my stars
  • CazCaz Posts: 2
    Love this!! All new to this and any helpful tips i can get the better. Does anyone know of some plants that will flower during the autum winter season, if any?
  • Good, practical advice - encourages rather than overwhelms!
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