Greenhouse Table/Shelving

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Hi all, I'm looking for some ideas on what to use in my soon to be built greenhouse to place my plants on image

It's 6x4

Something reasonably priced and easy to store in the Summer, anyone know of anything good? image

Many thanks


  • If you can get hold of some old pallets you can make them to suit your size, nothing worse then bending down for ages

  • I got a simple shelving unit from home bargains it was only about £5, I have staging too but u always need more storage for plants seed trays etc!!

  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    I made my own staging using pressure treated timber from Wickes, 2 years ago; it cost me about £43 to make an 8' length with lower shelf also. If you are interested I could post a pic. Took me one afternoon to make.image

  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,153

    Took the words right out of my mouth Duncan and homebase or similar stores do a light wood book case, which when stained with the stuff you can paint fences with are ideal for putting trays of seedlings on, at a squeeze you can fit three trays on each shelf. Can't remember the cost but they are less than £30 may even by less than £20.

    If you get the taller book case it can be sawn in half and the shelves then fit on your potting bench image.  

  • B+Q sell one for about 40 pounds, self assembly but instructions poor, got one for Christmas -  cobbled it together,  works quite well! Had a good laugh working it out and it's slightly different to the picture provided! Look in the pound shops for cheap shelving. Lidl and Aldi sell decent tools and odds and ends at various intervals and seeds

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