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Phormium Chocolate Dream has just gone through its first winter and up until the UK snow this year, it seemed fine. It wasn't flattened at all, but its leaves are now yellowing, with little bits of browning. I really think the leaves are lost to the weather but what I would like to know is will the plant replace them? It grew really fantastic last summer, trebling its original size and I don't see any rotting or unhappiness at the base. The base of the leaves are still good in colour as well as the baby ones that haven't grown yet. My soil is sandy and free draining and the plant is in a full sun position although I guess its exposed since there are no windbreaks except a nearby south-west facing fence which I'm assuming would bring warm winds anyways. Its only my second Phormium purchase since I was put off by the last one rotting (bad planting on my part) but I do have a Cordyline that is extremely happy in a west facing position at 15ft tall.

If anyone has more knowledge of these plants than I do, I would appreciate the input. I've googled unsuccessfully on the subject.


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    Phormiums like generous feeding and if you do this now with a good fertilizer and mulch around the base you should find plenty of young shoots emerging when the weather warms up again.

    Phormiums like these suffer in cold conditions and all the leaves can turn brown and flop at this time of year. If that happens there is no alternative but to cut all the leaves off at the base and wait for it to sprout again, unless it has rotted away in the centre of course. 

    I have two plants, 'Alison Blackman' and 'Maori Queen', both have been so affected this year and last and each time I have had to cut them right down.   MQ is just beginning to sprout again, 'AB' I'm finding quite tender and longer to recover.

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    Thanks for the advice! I shall take it on board.

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