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Quince Dilemma

I have ordered 2 quince

1 is a 7ft tall Vranja variety and the other is a 4ft tall Chaenomeles Fire Dance

Now my initial plan was to put the 7ft by the front corner of my shed, my shed is 5ft higher than my patio and the soil is retained with gravel boards. When I first looked online for info on quince, I didn't find anything that said the tree was going to grow to a behemoth size. So I can't plant it by my shed image   The 4ft was going in a half whisky barrel by the kitchen door, but now I'm thinking that it should go in the ground where the 7ft was originally destined to go.   So how easy would it be to keep the Fire Dance to a neat bush? Can I risk planting it by the gravel boards without risk of the roots destroying them? There is a 4ft retaining wall where my garden is located, could I plant the Vranja close to this wall, or again would the roots laugh in my face and bring it crashing down?   And why aren't I getting any emails when I get a reply image


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