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Anyone have a garden blackbird?




     Meet Nat King Cole! image

  • Nat King Cole seems to have a white spot on his head - very distinctive, very cute. image

    My blackbird has disappeared! I was awake at 4am yesterday (like you are when you are a woman of a certain age) image I heard the Robin singing then  ...... nothing. I lay there feeling pretty upset as I realised I hadn't actually seen or heard him for about a week.

    I have had blackbirds for as long as I can remember and I know the female is still around still so I can only assume something bad has happened to him. image

    I have five cotoneaster trees in the garden and leylandii for them to nest in, it's a great garden for blackbirds so I can only hope that one of this year's broods will come here.

  • Steve 309Steve 309 Posts: 2,753

    Love that photo of Nat King Cole!

    This is mine at the garden where I work:


    That was a month or so ago when the strawberries were much smaller.  He was happily hopping around the greenhouse yesterday when I was in there but my camera's given up image    I'll certainly need to net the strawbs but will also take some raisins next week!

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