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Anyone have a garden blackbird?



  • Forester2 iI've just planted an apple tree but not in the same place or near it as no room but hopefully they'll relocate to this tree when it's grown a bitimage


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  • We have a pair of quite tame blackbirds that seem to live in the garden.  We also get a lot of other blackbirds that visit the garden resulting in many, many fights!

    They both sit around the garden while I am out looking at whats going on.

    They also tend to sit on the doorstep waiting for some sultanas on a morning.

  • Orchid LadyOrchid Lady Posts: 5,800

    We have a couple of Robins that live at the bottom of the bush at the back of the garden - or at least that's where they always go 'in and out'.

    I've just been outside and had a lovely sing from Mr Blackbird sat on the hedge, always makes me happy when the blackbirds sing image

  • I was doing some power washing this afternoon and he sat on the fence and watched! There was me worrying that the noise would scare them away for good!
  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 10,724

    This thread reminded me of a photo I took in 2006.  This particular blackbird appeared whenever I was in the garden and came within a few feet when I was digging.  You can see the reason in the beak!


      Edit: just found another:


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  • ok. it seems that I am in need of non mouse friendly blackbird feeding ideas. the last 3 days in a row, ive seen a mouse running around my garden at midday looking for pickings. i thought i was being smart bringing the feeder in at night. My back garden is small so no matter how far away i position the feeder, they are always going to be close to the house. Having had a ridiculous mouse infestation at our old house due to work on an empty house in the row, i dont think i could face another. I REALLY dont want to stop feeding wee blackie and his mates image

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    I had the same problem at a previous house LH. The little mouse came out during the day to pinch bits and pieces. He made a little nest in the garage during the winter with some leaves in the corner of some polystyrene I used for the bottom of pots. It must have been nice and cosy! I'm not sure of the best way to prevent it especially if you're bringing the feeder in at night. Do you use a bird table for the blackies or do you feed them on the ground? Putting out small amounts - little and often on a table - might help so that it's all eaten quickly and there's very little underneath. The trouble with hanging feeders is that bits get spilt all the time so it's hard to avoid stuff on the ground. Perhaps if you only have a table for a while it might help. Even a kind of makeshift one  image

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    We used to have a window in our garage, but hubby kicked a football through it. Its now grown over with ivy and the blackbirds like to nest in it. One year though, the birds had gone through the window and made a nest on to of a can of paint that was stood on a shelf!!

  • i ditched the hanging feeders for that reason. Ive been feeding them from my kitchen windowledge. found mousey there on day one, so moved the feeder ontop of my garden waste wheelie bin. all plastic, and touching nothing. Again, thinking I was being smart... day 2 i found mousey sat on the bin merrily feeding away on sunflower seeds. |Watched until he had had his fill, then he simply jumped from the bin to the garage windowsill, and ran down the wall and away! day 3 i didnt feed at all, and he was there, running around my flower bed and checking the dogs poop out!

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