Best time to move raspberry canes

I planted some autumn bliss last autumn but they are in the wrong place so I need to move them sometime. Can I do it now, or should I wait until after they have fruited in the autumn/winter. They have started to produce new growth this spring already.



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    I moved a bunch of summer fruiting raspberries just before they popped their leaves earlier this year, I don't have autumn fruiting ones but a word of raspberry-loving caution. The first year I had one raspberry cane and it sprouted three babies  for me. The second year, three turned into eight and the third year's eight doubled or more! I moved them all to a better spot last year and the bare earth subsequently erupted with about twenty baby plants in soil I thought was bare. Turns out my thorough digging wasn't thorough enough. The roots are shallow but somehow I missed them! Anyways, this year I have thirty plus raspberry canes and still some odd roots are sprouting shoots under my veg beds and in between the path and other plants. They really are rampant! So best of luck moving but watch out image

  • I moved some yesterday - they were popping up all over my allotment so I decided to put them in straight lines with the originals.  I watered them in well and have crossed my fingers!

  • I think you should be fine to move them. The soil is warming up and as long as you keep them moist and mulch them they should be fine.

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