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Making new section of garden private

Hi everyone

Just in process of purchasing more land to make my garden longer.  The idea is to separate the new part from the old (like rooms) my problem is i dont know what to separate it with.  Needs to be at least 6ft high to give privacy. Looked at trellis but painting it is a pain (already have it in the garden) then thought about a laurel hedge but a friend has said its quite invasive.  So now i dont know what would look the best.

Any design ideas would be great.


  • DaintinessDaintiness Posts: 988

    A hedge would be lovely but they take time to grow - willow hurdles could be put in for an instant effect and a hedge planted along side. Laurels do grow quickly but if cut regularly would be fine. As they are large leaved you are better to cut with seceteurs as the large leaves can  look unsightly when zipped through with hedge trimmers. You would get a less formal depends on the style you want to go with. A yew hedge - evergreen, can be tightly cut back and give you scope to create arches; topiary; good for wildlife; a dense hedge with uniformity.Holly again evergreen but prickly to cut... Or how about beech, not evergreen but retains its leaves in winter...or a native informal really depends on the style and formality you want....what ever you choose I'm sure a hedge would be lovely.

  • Thanks Daintiness for your help, you have given me a lot to think about and research now.  Thanks again,

  • marshmellomarshmello Posts: 683

    Are you looking for an instant solution or one that you can shape over a few seasons/years ?

    I like the idea of rooms/areas within a garden design it can look pretty cool when done right, soft and natural like its always been there - a secret garden. As opposed to, or lets put a vile woodern fence up with a doorway in the middle.

    haha.... heres a canny rubbish sketch of what I mean. Whatever you do, a strong structure of some sort with have to be built/placed. No plant grows 6ft overnight ?

    Plants to consider - climbing roses, very romantic !!


  • Thanks Marshmellow for the diagrams.  This has given me another avenue to investigate.  Do you recommend any particular shrubs to divide the sections?

  • marshmellomarshmello Posts: 683

    You should checkout, Griselinia - its a fairly fast grower.

  • Clumping bamboo?  It claims not to spread too far, but I've not had it long enough to give advice for certain.  I use Scottish Bamboo, because they really understand which ones are the most hardy.

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