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North-east facing climbers

MJA54MJA54 Posts: 13


I wonder if any of you have any ideas please to help solve our problem.

Our garden overlooks a rather unsightly maintenance yard.  We have a 6' fence with a new 4' trellis fitted on top, with a view to growing some climbers up it to partially, at least, shield our view.

The fence faces north east. We would like a mixture of evergreen and deciduous climbers, preferably with flowers, to give some year round interest.

A friend says that we need to be careful that we choose a climber that doesn't choose to face the sun once it reaches the trellis - ie south west, towards the maintenance yard and away from our house.

Any suggestions would be very gratefully received!






  • Hi, I have this problem too, I stretched green pea netting over the trellis (almost invisible) and planted Clematis, the netting stops the flowers from growing through and facing my neighbours sunnier side. Taylors Clematis have a huge range and you can search by height, aspect, flowering period and colour, some are evergreenimage

  • MJA54MJA54 Posts: 13

    Ingenious! Opens up more possibilities than I expected. Thanks Ashleigh2 

  • Your welcome, watch out though, Clematis are addictiveimage

  • MJA54MJA54 Posts: 13

    Well Ashleigh2 I am very keen on clematis! We used to have a C. cirrhosa freckles at our old house - a bargain purchase of £1.50 from Morrisons of all places, and it was lovely - beautiful, prolific and evergreen. I had pencilled that in for our trellis here, as I knew it is winter flowering, so we probably wouldnt have any problems with it turning away from our view. Thanks

  • At those prices we can afford our addiction, I got C. The President, a jasmine and perennial sweet pea in Morrisons last year £2 each. 

  • MJA54MJA54 Posts: 13

    Great, thanks for the suggestion Verdun.

  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 50,366

    Hydrangea petiolaris is ideal for that aspect (evergreen) I always feel it's better suited to a wall, but many people grow it on a fence. White clusters of flowers. Some of the Honeysuckles will grow in shady aspects too. Don't overlook some shrubs which will grow happily against a fence too, if you have enough room. Chaenomoles  (Quince)  will be happy in that aspect and will grow against a fence quite neatly. They're deciduous, spring flowering - orangey/reds and a white one as well. Many of the Euonymous will do the same - placed against walls and fences they'll grow up rather than out, and are evergreen.

    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
  • MJA54MJA54 Posts: 13

    Thanks Fairygirl - particularly like the hydrangea petiolaris idea.

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