holly bush

Hi does anybody know how big the roots are on a holly bush/tree?  ie do they grow down into the soil or spread out? I have an overgrown bush which I would like to attempt to move.  Assuming i don't get prickled to death by its leaves, how big is the root ball likely to be? The main trunk is about 8cm diameter.


  • Hi Christine, I have rather a large holly at the back of the border and have noticed that the roots spread at least as far as the canopy so look how far the branches spread and do a test dig.  I have to say though that when I extended my border several of the roots were chopped through and it didn't mind much.


  • Thank you. I'll give it a try  and see what happens.  It would be a shame if I lost it trying to move it, but it can't stay where it is anymore.

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