Under-rated climber?

A tip rather than a question!

Although they aren't easy to come by (I was fortunate enough to obtain a legitimate cutting from one in a garden) wild honeysuckle is definitely worth growing, especially where vigorous growth would be a disadvantage.

I grow a couple up an (admittedly established) columnar cherry tree. The add colour and gorgeous scent by the front wall and, as mine is a tiny garden, optimises limited space - and adds interest to the tree after it has finished flowering. Its non-rampant nature doesn't put a strain on the branches of its host, even in windy conditions.

I  also grow one up a cotoneaster and another up a wooden post that suspends a bird feeder as well as on the more normal fence/trellis setting.

I seem to remember the late Geoff Hamilton once singing its praises on G World,  saying that its scent was as good as any cultivar's.

Just thought you might want to give it a try!


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    This months RHS  magazine has a picture of a new honeysuckle called"mandarin"

    I was really excited until I found that it had little or no scent. For me, the whole point of honeysuckle is the scent. I have  "Graham Thomas," which I believe he found in a hedgerow and then propagated. It is all yellow and has a long flowering season. Belgica and  Serotina are also well perfumed and will extend the season.

    Although it can be rampant, it responds well to an annual hackback.


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