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What are these?



  • they are much more knobbley than either of these

  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609
    kjdintown wrote (see)

    ... the only thing I have in my garden like that are cocosmia tubers which sit very near the surface..

    yes I thought they were Crocosmia corms too.

  • Crocosmia's?

  • I wonder if they are wild arum (Lords and Ladies)?  The berries seem to be attractive to birds who drop them all over the place - especially in my garden, where I suddenly find them popping up in all sorts of odd places.

    The tubers are a bit knobbly like the photo - but it's hard to be sure.  Perhaps the best thing is to isolate them and grow them in a separate pot.  They could just give you a pleasant surprise - but are easy to dispose of if not.

  • because they look like they have scales could they be lily bulbs of some kind??liatris spicata are also quite lumpy and rough....

  • They look very much like oxalis to me

  • Definitely oxalis ladies. Mine have now produced leaves! pink flowers to come..

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