When indoor seedlings have to acclimatise

My indoor seedlings think they are above all the direct sow ones. They were scared to go outside today, I try to assure them I will bring them back indoors later, now I feel like to leave them outside because they started arguments with direct sow ones that have not even come out yet.


  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    The temperature is low but not freezing at the moment, so be gradual,take them into the sun for a few hours and sheltered from wind, then as the days lengthen leave them out longer. According to the long range weather, it will start warming up in the next few weeks. Then you can keep them out, but watch out for any late frost.

    If you're really chilly outside the plants will feel that way too.

  • Ive been reading Dave K's  sweet pea blog but couldn't find any detail on this subject for SP seedling acclimatization.  I have 75no  70-95mm seedlings germed in doors at 15c, germ rate was 85% so no issues.  Some say aclime and put out at end of Feb, others end of March.........should i take a gamble now ??  lows in Hampshire are 4c and best is 9-10c........to cold for acclimatization (This year) ? the earlier i could get them in the better/longer the flower display ?? using 6x fert this year, any one used on SP's ?/.......any advice most welcome. Im 1st time grower of SP's and dont want to loose the 75 seedlings brought on indoor under a 300w 7 spectrum LED array, bought for this purpose !! they are in 80mm seedling pots at the moment,  nice and green and healthy atm.

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    Nigel,  I would go on David K's sweet pea thread for a better answer.

    Personally I would get them outside, its too warm indoors for sweet peas.

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  • Can you start acclimatizing seedlings when they are still very small? I have Dianthus in tiny pots on the window sill and could do with the space soon

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