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Worm Towers

Yesterday I read an article about worm towers being built into container gardens.

I am thinking it could be a good idea to put a couple in some beds or boarders in the garden, maybe make a feature out of them in some design.  Has anyone tried this?  Would it actually be beneficial?


  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Never tried it but it would be beneficial for the garden or a raised bed. Go for it. Let everyone know how it goes.

  • Nice one, I am going to go for it, getting some pipe this weekend and I will get it set up.


  • Edd, that is pretty much my idea, thinking of decent sized ones with say a small bird bath feature on top, of course I will be making them!

  • Thanks for posting this Millers666, the bird bath on top idea is brilliantimage

  • Cheers Edd, even more food for thought.


  • Materials acquired, will be working on this over the coming weeks!


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