Seaweed for nutrients

Hey all. I recently built a raised bed and intend to plant a variety of different veg and herbs in there. My question relates to use of seaweed for nutrition my bed contains good soil how can i make it better by use of seaweed i have a lot of seaweed i would like to know how to apply it to the soil ie should i leave it to rot down first should i shread or chop it up or what conditions apply before i apply......imageimage Many thanks TGG....


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    I collkect seaweed from the shore line. I use it directly round the base of the cabbage family and on my Asparagus bed without washing the salt off. It's very good round brassicas, as slugs and snails won't cross it to eat your plants. Washed by rain etc, you can mulch your beds with it after planting or dig it in.  I tend to ad what I have left to the compost bin.

  • We added half a trailer load to a seakale(also a brassica) bed during the winter. As we are coastal it seemed the thing to do.It has gone down to almost nothing now, & the slugs have returned. I agree it must be a great mulch as does "backyardee" for his asparagus bed. The more the merryer. Heligan uses tons I hear.Get down the beach its free! but beware of additives from the local dog population who like to poo on the seaweed .So wear gloves & take forks & rakes.

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    And I forgot to add, try to collect it when the sand fleas are less active, those blighters certainly stay alive on it for weeks.

    Progardener............. I add a circle of it round my brassicas when i am planting them in and keep it refreshed with a little top up every now and then..................... or try a mix of fine grit and garlic powder / granules. the equine variety. Slimeys hate garlic and it does not affect the taste of the plants.

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