My orange Pyracanthas arrived today, to say I got 10 plants for less than ??13.50 delivered is great value. My questions are 1. Will the yellow berries darken to orange as they look more yellow than orange 2. I have 30 plants, 10 of each colour. They are all going to be planted in 1 row. Am I best planting all the colours in a mix or keep red with red and so forth? 3. Do I need to prune them to get them big and bushy, or just plant and forget for 12 months. Thanks in advance image


  • Duncan, I think it would be boring if you kept the colours together, mix `em up and enjoy the variety. I assume they are only a couple of feet tall, so I would plant them and let them grow on for a year or two.

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    If you have yellow berries and you think they should be orange,  check you've got the right ones before you plant them.

    As to arrangement of colours. What would you prefer to see? blocks of colour or a mix?

    Hard to tell without seeing them whether they need a prune but if they've got one long stem I would cut it back. If they're already branched just cut back any very long stems


  • The orange are the first to arrive, they are labelled orange so hopefully they will darken. They range from 1-2ft tall. They're going in the greenhouse tomorrow whe I'm waiting for next doors fence to be erected. Better be soon
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    It's February,  they must be as ripe as they're going to get. Have they got a cultivar name or just a colour description?

    They'll only need the GH if they've been kept in one til now and they don't want heat 

  • Orange glow

    Only reason I want them in the greenhouse is next door will destroy then when they have the fence done, I'm 2-3ft lower than they are so the fencers have to work from my side.
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     Hi DB

    can i ask how big your garden is' to want 30 p plants ?

    do you know how big they can grow ?


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    I've had red, orange and yellow ones. I'd mix them up. Wouldn't prune until they matured. Would say they need to be outside, but put in a sheltered place if weather is very cold. Once planted they will romp on.

    If you mix them you'll have more winter colour as the birds prefer the red ones and tend to leave the others until later.

    For the the purpose you want them I would consider planting in a zigzag pattern rather than a straight row, you could then achieve a thicker hedge sooner.

  • I've just potted up 10 lovely pyracanthus  that I got from Autumn cuttings. Wonderful root systems. My bush is about 4 ft tall and I prune as needed. Will sell the plants at a charity sale in April. Just stick cuttings in a pot of compost and forget about them!


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    Orange Glow should be orange, not yellowish

  • Patty, originally I would have planted them over a roughly 38ft length. Due to wanting access to the back of my shed, might be around 30ft ish.

    Although I'm not limited to the location, after I ballsed up with my Quince tree order, might plant at the front of the shed too but I have got loads of places to plant them.
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    Hop along, may I ask how you take cuttings from these? and is it best done in the Autumn or can I do it any time? 

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    I've answered this twice and it didn't get through, here's hoping! I find Autumn cuttings are easier simply because I can almost forget about them. If taken in the Spring, put them in the shade and don't let them get too dry. If the cutting is long cut it into bits and I always remove lower leaves. I do sometimes use hormone powder but usually only for soft cuttings. I take cuttings all year round, when the mixed hedge is cut I can't bear to see everything go on the compost heap. so off I go again. They make nice pressies.

    Enjoy yourself!

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