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Hello everyone,

We moved to our current house last september and inherited (among others) a very neglected hydrangia Annabelle. Now that the weather is getting a bit warmer I wanted to try and make it a beautiful plant again. But I'm not quite sure how. Usually with an Annabelle I would prune to around 15 or 20 cm above grond level and let is grow out whilst suppurting with bamboo canes. But this Annabelle has started to make new buds on the existing branches. I know for a fact that it hasn't been touched for at least the last four or five years. It is about 1,5 meters high, with bare branches from the ground to about a meter up, and with buds forming on thr top one third of the plant. I'm afraid if I cut it down to the ground it won't grow,yet if I cut is back to the first set of buds from the top I'll be left With a very bare plantat the bottom. What do I do??


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    I would just take off the old flowering heads and prune the tips lightly, cutting back to the first healthy looking buds.  I would also take out any weak or crossing stems from the centre, just to keep it healthy. 

    I think that if you give it a good dose of Fish, Blood & Bone meal those lower shoots will come and it'll look fine.image

    If you're concerned that the lower shoots won't appear, you could plant a low growing shrub or hardy perennials in front to hide any bare stems. 

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    If you are hard pruning a shrub to get it back into shape the usual recommendation is to prune out a third of the stems each year for three years

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    What about doing the Dove bit,then in June July take some good cuttings then late next winter or early spring a complete hair cut to base for a nice new plant by that time your cuttings would replace any problems which i dont think you will get as hydrangeas are tuff cookies. just a thought,image 

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