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Could this be a first? Sweet Pea flowering in Febraury

Up north on the outskirts of York, we haven't had much ground frost this year- maybe 4 times so far.  Although, the car windows and roof were iced over this morning, and have just hung the washing out and it was cold, now that the sun has disappeared.  Just a quick survey of the snowdrops, crocus and a few daffs and then spotted a sweet pea- just starting to bloom, there are flower buds on the other stems.  I didn't plant any, so these must be the ones that have self-seeded from last year or before.  My sweet peas are never very good- I always start them off inside and think I always plant them out too late- e.g. June when the frosts have gone..  Didn't bother growing any in autumn as have always been disappointed.  But this time nature has stepped has even beaten the montana clematis in



the background.

Anyone else with a surprise?



Also attached a photo of my young french lavender backed by red cornus in a pot, which is blooming nicely, on a very exposed north facing patio!

The lavender was a very small pot from RHS Harlow Carr, given as a thank you for being a volunteer.  It has really come on since last year.




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    David keeps telling us not to mollycoddle them - looks like tough love has worked (that and a mild winter image)

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