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In my desperate attempt to grow astrantia I have just bought a plant from Wilco. The instructions say to soak the plant (which it is doing at the moment) then plant outside in the soil.  As this plant has been in a warm shop for I don't know how long, would it be advisable to put it in a plant pot in my mini polythene greenhouse before planting out in the garden?


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    When I buy plants like that I always pot it up first and give it some tlc.

    Put it in your mini GH for a week or two and - then like any plant - gradually harden it off. - in at night out in the day, until the weather is warmer and you have strong growth.

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    Astrantias are quite tough but I would give yours a coupl eo fdays to acclimatise before planting out.  Once soaked, pot it up in a slightly bigger pot, water thoroughly then allow it to drain and keep it outside by day and sheltered by night for a week or two.  By then it should be ready to cope with the great outdoors - unless we get a sudden blast of late winter.

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  • Forester I too bought some of the same astrantia as well as some lupins and echinops... The lupins and astrantia are in the ground with cloches over and are doing well.....

  • Whoops didn't finish the echinops I potted up and it is romping away! So I would pot up for a bit

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    That's encouraging Stacey that your Wilco astrantia is doing well.  I think the consensus of opinion from you folks is to pot it up and keep in the greenhouse till the weather gets a wee bitty warmer then out it goes.  Thanks go to Matty obelixx Edd and Stacey.

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    Edd - how did you find those threads?  Prior to posting this question I spent ages looking on the plants thread plodding backwards.  Is there a quicker way?

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    Thanks Eddimage

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    I love them, but don't have much luck. Even though I water them and they are in partial shade SW France is just too hot in July and August.

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    Thanks Verdun - no chance of hot/dry in my garden.  I have been trying for several years to get them going (seed) as I thought my garden was perfect - limited sun and damp soil, shade and partial shade.  This is the last chance!

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